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Old school training New School Technology

Good morning view’s readers. Today’s blog is about a program that I am in the process of finishing. Old school training New school technology is a program based on using some of the more proven methods of instruction mixed with some of today’s technology. The fire service is a ever changing world of new construction, […]

The Iso Man is a comin!

Good morning all from the jumpseat…..I received a call yesterday from a chief asking for assistance in preparing for a ISO rating at my home department. So it got me thinking, who is ISO, what does it mean to me, and why do we care? Well these are all question’s that I will be finding […]

Reaching New Heights for Safety!

We are on our way to the local civic arena to test the latest crop of rookie in their job skills abilities. Our department uses this test to measure the skill level that a new person has achieved in the first year of joining our department. I arrive, on the ambulance that day, to see […]

The Boy’s in Blue are Going Pink

Everyone will be seeing a different side of firefighters starting this Friday. The boy’s in blue are going pink to support breast cancer awareness. October is breast cancer awareness month and IAFF 317 is putting on the pink! Don’t be alarmed if you dial 911 and see pink it will be the same brave men […]

Are you ready for the “What If’s?”

Recently I heard a story about a fire department who ran a structure fire where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. With that in mind are you ready for the WHAT IF’S? By what if’s I am referring to the unexpected situation’s that you might find at your next emergency scene. Maybe it’s a […]