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Thank you from the jumpseat…

Today is a huge day for the View’s from the jumpseat. View’s hit the 600 visit mark! I would have never imagined that I would hit 100 much less 600. Thank you to all that have taken time to stop and read View’s. I hope to expand view’s toward the future. I hope to add […]

Senseless Acts of Firefighting!

I heard a new saying around the fire service today. “There is no common sense in the fire service, “Everything that we do is a learned behavior that must be learned, relearned and drilled on over and over again. So is it true, is there no common sense in the Fire Service? Does this statement […]

View’s is getting Published!!

Hey everyone, View’s from the Jumpseat is moving up to the big leagues. Check out Views on blogs. Please take the time and check it out….Please leave comments. Thank you to Pete Mathews at……You da man Pete! welcome to the jumpseat!

Thanks to all that Serve!

View’s from the jumpseat would like to take the time to salute the men and women of the armed forces. Today is your day and you deserve it!!!! Happy Veterans Day! God bless you and God bless America! welcome to the jumpseat!

Here is some video from a fire on Avon Street in Charleston WV. Video from

What to do when the what if’s happen!

Have you ever set down and thought about the “What if’s” of the fire service? In our line of work the what if’s are too many to list, but have you ever set and thought about how some of them would affect you. These variables that you face can and will have a negative effect […]