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Got Tech Rescue?

Today was a day full of snow, cold,and Ice so we used this time to knock out some classroom training. Topic of the day, Confined Space. In the process of review for some and introducing to others it reminded me just how technical our job really is. IDLH this, LEL that, SAR here, and UEL […]

Training & Tactics Talk: Searching in the Modern Environment Douglas Cline talks with Ryan Pennington about the challenges facing firefighters

Douglas Cline talks with Ryan Pennington about the challenges facing firefighters performing searches in today’s environment. Pennington is a firefighter/paramedic with the Charleston, WV, Fire Department and a Contributing Editor. The two look at the myriad of problems facing firefighters who conduct the search for life at structure fires and discuss the recent number […]

Remembering “Black Sunday” Jan 23, 2005

T welcome to the jumpseat!

Remembering “Black Sunday”

Remembering the fallen on the anniversary of Black Sunday. Three FDNY firefighters died in the LODD in Brooklyn, New York and the Bronx on Sunday January 23, 2005, a day that has become known as “Black Sunday” Two firefighters were killed and four others were badly hurt when they were forced to jump from a […]

Be prepared!

Searching through the internet looking for details of the recent firefighter LODD in Maryland I can’t help but think about preparing for my next shift! Seems like everyday another type of Firefighter emergency comes up. Why is this, I believe it’s because the fire department is called on every type of emergency. From power lines […]

Thoughts and Prayers!

From Firefighter Close Calls: It is with deep regret that we advise you of the Line of Duty Death of Baltimore County FF Mark Falkenhan, 43. Mark was killed this evening after becoming trapped and calling a mayday in a multi-family dwelling fire and suffering massive burns. FF Falkenhan had recently left as a career […]

In the batters box!

Last night was a long night in the city! In the endless amounts of emergencies, a new theory came to mind. In baseball the warm up zone is known as the batters box. Have you ever thought that in emergency services we are always in the batter box? As we staff our stations or stand […]

Snow Down

Wow, what a winter. But how does winter effect us in the fire and ems business. Seems like we get the fire call during the coldest part of the day. Preparation is a must for cold weather responses. How do you prepare for the weather? Do you carry extra uniforms to change into if you […]

Firefighters and Cancer!

To others, firefighters may seem reckless, what with all the charging into flaming buildings to save the helpless people trapped inside. But there is a difference between courage and recklessness. You know how to asses every situation and make rational (and often heroic) decisions. Firefighters are some of the most cautious and calculating professionals there […]

Great response to the Weight Blog!

After returning from the Firehouse expo 09 I started talking about some of the HOT topics at the expo. By far, it was the vast about of Bail out System’s being sold and displayed at the expo. They had everything from a simple belt and rope to a full on body harness integrated into turnout […]

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