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2010 Statistics of LODD Death Released.

The NFA has released the statistics for LODD in the year 2010.  It was a year that we seen a reduction of deaths.  

House Fire on Brantley Dr. in Parsonsburg, MD

Nice video of a early attack on a rapidly spreading fire….. Early Vertical ventilation with a aggressive fire attack! Great audio as well with mutual aid companies coming! Thanks to fire in the hole photography for posting this so we all can learn from it! welcome to the jumpseat!

Is the pressure on in your firehouse?

Log on to for “Is the pressure on?”   Please leave comments and feedback…… Thanks from the jumpseat! welcome to the jumpseat!

Backing the truck up in Delaware!!

When was the last time that you got out of comfort zone and took time to visit other departments?  I recently had that opportunity to present a firefighter safety program to  the Seaford Vol. Fire Department  and the Delaware Vol. Fire Chiefs Assoc in Seaford Delaware and WOW is all I have to say!  The members treated me […]

Pack of Air!

Definition of smoke: The byproducts of incomplete combustion. Wow what does that mean to me. Let’s stop and think about it. Incomplete combustion means that whats burning is not completely burning away and leaving some of it’s parts behind. These parts that are left behind are very toxic? As we respond to more fires in […]

Pay it Forward!

Seems like with the more I get to share information about Emergency Services the more I am blessed with the opportunity to mentor or help lead the generation next. As a 15 year career passes before my eyes I can distinctly remember a young 20 year old that was wondering from job to job and […]

If if Looks Vacant…Smells Vacant….Is it Vacant?

When does it seem like you have seen it all in the fire-ems service? How deplorable can the conditions that people live in get? I often wonder this as we stumble through another place that is so discus ting that a dog shouldn’t be living in it just to find one if not many humans […]

Waves of HOLY COW!

As I sit here and watch the happenings in japan, I sit and wonder what kind of command and control they have set up. Can you even imagine? Now we all have spent the boring hours learning about NIMS…100-400, but now the practices are coming into play. Now take a step back and image you […]

Do more with less?

Would you take the football field with 8 players to take on 11. What if you had to take on 20 players with just 8? It seems like today’s leaders are asking us to do just that. Today’s economic downturns and budgetary issue are affecting every department nation wide. From rolling brown and black outs […]

Spring Is a Coming

With spring right around the corner it’s time to shift our training from indoor classroom sessions to the outside. First step this spring, Pre-Fire Planning! This should be a task that we all spend time doing. From the Chief to the new Proby we all need to be familiar with the buildings and response area […]