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Welcome back to the jumpseat…..I recieved some news today from  My blog ” Is it worth the Weight” is the most read blog on .com.  WOW…over 8500 people have read it!  Thanks to all of you for taking the time to stop and read all my posts.  Now that views has gone national on […]

Minneapolis Firefighter Ladder Slide Close Call Window Bailout

As we prepare for more firefitgher training I found this video! Wow, when your up there prepping for the bailout and you think to yourself, when will I ever use this stuff? Well, here is when you will be using it. Heading out the window on to the ladder for the slide to safety! Be […]

Are you Ment to be?

Do you have a mentor in the fire service.  I do his name is Richard Gasaway and it was my honor to record a podcast with him and Jason Ferris on mentoring in the fire service.   Mentoring is a invaluable way of passing along the knowledge and experience leading the generation next!  Thanks for listening to […]

Ulster Rd. House Fire 4/11/11 (PGFD)

Good evening from the jumpseat. I came across this video today and was interested in some comments on the first 5 minutes. These guys had their hands full upon arrival.  What can you see in the video.  What type construction, line selection, and direction of wind.  This fire has danger written all over it.  Now […]


Great video with multiple rescues. When was the last time you practiced with a ground ladder. The number one priority on any fire scene is life safety. The first due engine is usually the ones doing the rescue, so even if you are assigned to a engine good ground ladder skills are a must. This […]

Get up and DO SOMETHING!

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  I was thinking about the recent release of the 2010 Stats of Line of duty deaths.  2010 was a down year in total number of deaths in the fire service, a trend that we hope to continue the next 100 years.  Here are some stats from the USFA: 20 On-Scene […]