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Gary Truck 4 Starts On Fire At A Store Front Fire, Heavy Smoke And Fire …

Wow what a video! From stubborn door bars to some AMAZING smoke conditions! I was so glad to hear the guy in the video say “It’s about to flash”. Good call! Even more important was that NO One was inside when it did Flash! Shout out to the Gary Indiana FD. Great Video, let’s use […]

Convoy for Kyle

Did you ever want to know what it’s like being a proud member of the fire service. Here is what is all about. “Kyle is an 11 yr old honorary member of the Barnegat Fire Company, he is losing his battle with cancer and was sent home to be with his family and friends until […]

Raw Video: Couple Jump From Burning Home

Amazing video of prearrival. Notice the couple in the upstairs window forced to jump. Hope everyone is ok. It you first due, where and how would you make this grab due to the fire conditions below their window?? welcome to the jumpseat!

Ballymeade Fire # 1

This is a video that every firefighter should watch. Listen to the responses of the citizens. It’s so funny to me that everyone want’s to cut us until a fire happens then they are wondering what’s taking so long when their house is burning in front of them. Maybe we should forward to some politicians. […]

Police Officer Holds Hand of Woman Pinned Under Bus

welcome to the jumpseat!

House Fire – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News

House Fire – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News welcome to the jumpseat! welcome to the jumpseat!

A day in the life

What a wonderful video! If you ever wanted to know what it is like being a firefighter….here it is! Great Job Pontiac! welcome to the jumpseat!