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Three things you will face while battling a fire in a Hoarder Home~

Three things you will face while battling a fire inside a hoarder home: Blocked entrances and egress Reduced maneuverability while advancing hose lines. Fire load that reaches flashover faster! How are you preparing to do battle with these situations in your next response to fires in Hoarder Homes. Keep tuned in to Viewsfromthejumpseat for the answers to […]

The Real Secrets of Aspen: Aspen Hoarder-Medium.m4v

On the hoarder scale, what would you rate this aspen apartment at. A 1 being a normal clutter and 5 inhabitable this may be a 4. What does that mean to you as a firefighter. It means that you must change your tactics and adjust for the changes. Are you prepared????? Bunker up, Buckle In, […]


Got flash…….!!!1 welcome to the jumpseat!

Evicted Woman’s Stuff Takes Up City Block

Hidden hoarders are everywhere. Look at this nice neighborhood and listen to the reactions of the people who live close to the evicted tenant. It’s just a matter of time before YOU are the one called to rescue someone from theses conditions. Are you ready? You better be, tactical changes need to be made to […]

Marcella Ave Apartment fire with Multiple Rescue Helmet Cam Alameda Co…

Great Helmet cam….check this out! welcome to the jumpseat!

House Fire 2/4/12 Lyons Fire

Great video of early stages of a structural fire in Lyons New York. This is a typical scene that you will find when response times are short. Notice the color, density, velocity, and location of the smoke. Can you tell where the seat of the fire is? Is this a “bread and Butter” type response. […]

Allentown Allen Street Fire Part 2 Digging It Out – 8.29.11

Ok viewsfromthejumpseat, time for another lesson if fighting hoarder home fires. Tools of the trade need for putting these fires out. Fire truck, water,hose, and a bulldozer. Yelp you guessed it, in this video you will see a great illustration of what it may take to get these fires completely out. Fighting hoarder home fires […]

Pink bits on fire!! Perth WA 30th Jan

Who would have ever thought to chalk the tire of the burning vehicle. I must be honest, Not this guy. How many car fires have we ran and never once thought about throwing something under the wheel to keep it from rolling. Well, if this video doesn’t make you change your mind nothing will. Great […]


What a great video on hoarder homes. Just imagine how NO ONE goes into this persons house. Until, that is, they call 911 then it’s you that has to go in. Unfortunately this person was beyond 911’s help but the next time you may have to enter. Whether for a EMS run or a fire […]

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