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Great video of initial attack with a rescue!

What a great video from the San Bernardino City Fire department.  I would like to share my view of this learning video.  The first impression of this video is the outstanding job by the first due officer in communication and control of the scene.  His command and size up are SPOT ON! Since this is views from […]

Never Again! – Charleston Fire and WCHS-Tv push to save Lives

Never Again! – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News To the loyal readers of views from the jumpseat, it is time to take action.  Wchstv and the Charleston Fire Department are making a push to prevent any future tragedy like the one that happened last weekend.  Let’s all join together to support the “NEVER AGAIN” campaign to insure that […]

Stock Footage – Charleston, WV Interstate 64 Crash Video

Sometimes it truly is amazing that in today’s world that everything that you do WILL be videotaped.  Stumbled on this video on youtube.  Who would have thought someone was videotaping from this angle.  Always keep in mind that on your next run chances are that you WILL be videotaped. welcome to the jumpseat!

6 children, 2 adults killed in West Virginia house fire

6 children, 2 adults killed in West Virginia house fire Such a sad day in the Charleston Fire Department History.  Please say some prayers for the family and first responders welcome to the jumpseat!

Exeter Firefighters Battle Blaze on Super Bowl Sunday

Another great video showing the toughness of a hoarded home on fire.  Notice the amount of firefighters in this video. A exterior fight caused from interior conditions, no doubt.  Hoarder home fires present many challenges. Venting a hoarded home can present challenges due to the attic space being full of belongings as well. Remember that when venting […]

Early Morning House Fire On Y Street

Increased fuel load and pathways to fight the fire are commonly found inside hoarder homes.  It’s time to educated your firefighters on fighting these fires.  It’s time to get them in the loop of “Heavy Contents” fires. Step 1: Identifying the problemStep 2: Calling for a “Heavy Content’s” ResponseStep 3: Additional units to the scene. […]

Minneapolis ‘trash house’ to be demolished

Minneapolis ‘trash house’ to be demolished welcome to the jumpseat!

AP News Photo Hoarder Fire

Command to all units….another hoarder home fire……  It’s not a if anymore, it’s a when.  When will it happen in your primary area where YOU have to take on these conditions?  Are you prepared, if not we need to talk. Piles of Hazards: Fighting fires in Hoarder Homes was a overwhelming success in bowers beach Delaware, […]

Highland Park house fire Hamilton & Labelle

welcome to the jumpseat!