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Leaders Toolbox!

I would like to send a huge thank you out to Dr. Richard Gasaway for the chance to record a podcast on Hoarding.   Remember  SA does matter .. welcome to the jumpseat!

Summertime Funk!

Good hot afternoon from the jumpseat.  I apologize for the lack of blogs and articles being produced from  the jumpseat.  It seems like every year the summer funk hits.  Whether it is the kids being home from school, constant hotter than heck temperatures, or the increased call volume. Something always seems to slow down the […]

Their Last Call Charleston Fire

Five years ago the Charleston South Carolina Fire Department lost 9 firefighters in the super sofa store fire.  I can remember this day just like it was yesterday!  Charleston SC fire department is about like a mirror image of my home department that shares more than just the name.  Honor the fallen by reviewing the report, watching […]

Situational Awareness in Hoarder Homes

 Here is a Guest article from SAMATTERS.COM Introduction from Dr. Gasaway: I want to take this opportunity to introduce the Situational Awareness Matters community of readers to an associate and good friend of mine, Firefighter-Paramedic Ryan Pennington with the Charleston (WV) Fire Department. Ryan has been conducting extensive research on the epidemic problem of emergencies […]

FDNY & NFFF: Still Working…So Everyone Goes Home

Every jumpseat rider needs to watch and learn from the FDNY and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundations. We all can learn from their initiatives on safety, survival, fitness, and Situational Awareness. Huge thank you to the FDNY and NFFF…… Always #jumpseatready!   welcome to the jumpseat!

BURN Webclip – “Did You Get My Dog Out?”

We need to spread the message about this documentary. This clip reminds me of Max the dog.  Great job Detroit’s Bravest for helping man’s best friends!Jumpseat strong work! welcome to the jumpseat!

Passion Show’s

Good,Hot, afternoon from the jumpseat.  It’s truly amazing how sometimes I can find inspiration in the weirdest of places to share here on the views.  As I attended, my daughters swim meet today I noticed how some excelled at the sport while some just seemed to “be swimming through the motions”.  Then it hit me […]

Join the Views and Dr. G for FREE

Very excited to announce the “View’s Crew” will be joining Chief Rich Gasaway (Ret.) on June 19th 2012 for a conference call about anything firefighting.  The event is brought to you by and it is FREE!  Come join in the conversation during the 2012 International Fire/Ems Safety Health Week and share experience, training, tips, […]

Situational Awareness Matter! FREE Situational Awareness Conference Call During… International Fire/EMS Safety & Health Week Tuesday, June 19, 2012 DATE Tuesday, June 19, 2012 TIMES 1200-1300 EST 1100-1200 CST 1000-1100 MST 0900-1000 PST My Mission To help first responders see the bad things coming in time to change the outcome. Conference Call Ideas Schedule a drill […]

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