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Interesting Commentary


Report has been released by the Asheville Fd on the fire that claimed the life of Captain Jeff Bowen while fighting a fire at 445 Biltmore Ave.  This is a chilling review of the tragic events.  The Asheville FD is making sure that Capt. Bowen’s memory will carry on and his story will save firefighters […]

Firefighter Fitness

Jumpseat Responsible Good afternoon from the recliner, well almost time to get back in the jumpseat!  After yesterday’s recording of our new podcast that will be appearing on I found the motivation to go for a quick run this morning.  You can say it was one of those “ah-hah” moments during our first show. My […]

Maplewood Ave Fire 08-25-12

Ems Calls:Saving Firefighters Lives

“Station and units respond for a reported structure fire. We are receiving multiple calls of flames showing.” This is a call all of us who pull on our boots and rush out the doors listen for each and every day of our career. However, this call is going to be a little different. It’s different […]

Are YOU Prepared?

Buffalo Firefighters responded yesterday afternoon at 1553 Hrs for a report of a structure fire on Bailey Ave across from Engine 23 quarters. Are YOU this Prepared.

Car into House on Fire

8-24-12 – Box 25-10 dispatched for a car into a house. Fire Police from Co.6 (Biglerville) arrived and reported a fully involved vehicle next to the house and spreading into the house. Engine 9-2 (York Springs) arrived and pulled the initial attack line, Ambulance 9A (York Springs) handled the patients from the vehicle, and the […]

DRD Your Best Friend?

Dispatch to all units — time to prepare for your brush with death!” Wow, would that statement get your attention? It definitely would grab mine. But, this statement may be just what we need to jumpstart our preparations before we are put in harms way. How prepared are you if something goes wrong while fighting […]

Training Keeps you prepared!!

Training Pre-plans and walk-throughs are crucial when it comes to preparation for the next run. How many times have you been into a building for a fire alarm or medical run, only to miss hazards for the call when you are crawling down the smoke filled hall? Look at the doors, windows and overall layout […]

Niosh LODD Report

                        We all should take time and Read the Niosh reports of our fallen brothers and sisters as their story may save your life.  This niosh reports has many key points we all should be looking for.  Sometimes even doing things right we still […]

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