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Ohio Fire and EMS Review

Ohio Fire and EMS Expo Review: Good morning from the jumpseat!  Well, almost back in the Jumpseat.  I am finally getting a chance to catch my breath after returning from the Ohio Fire and EMS expo in Columbus Ohio.  It was a GREAT conference that was well attended and offered many great instructors.  I learned […]

Health Concerns in a Hoarded Home

Good afternoon from the Jumpseat. The recent news coming out of Houston about the exposure to the Hanta Virus is driving home the risks associated with Hoarding Houses. This home was going to be featured on reality television which exposed the film crew, families, and neighbors who had volunteered to aid in the clean up. […]

Time to Remember September 12, 2001

After a day of remembering the horrible events that unfolded on 9/11 some 10 years ago I believe it is time to remember what it was like on 9-12-01!  We had been attacked on our soil by some foreign cowards and America had responded! On Sept. 12 we all responded! From the pile that was […]

What 9/11 Confirmed for me….

9/11 meant back to the Jumpseat.   Good afternoon from the “Views Crew”. On this somber day we pause to reflect on the events from 11 years ago.  We all remember where we were and what we were doing when the US was attacked.  All Americans grabbed their televisions and stayed glued as we watched […]

9/11 through the Eyes of a Rookie Firefighter

Guest Post from Probationary Firefighter Matt Barnes   I just walked into the lounge area of the Union at Kentucky State University. I had a few minutes in between classes and everyone was either watching television, studying or taking a nap. I had not decided what I was going to do first since I had […]

What 9/11 should mean to the Fire Service!

Remembering 9/11 Good evening from the jumpseat.  On the eve of 9/11 comes we should all pause for a moment of silence for the lives lost that day.  We also should honor the sacrifice by learning out trade.  Watch this great video from the FDNY and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. “We lost a lot of […]

Hoarder House of Death!

By ANTHONY CASTELLANO Sept. 10, 2012   A woman cleaning out a Texas home for a future episode of TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive” developed a respiratory disease that county officials believe has been caused by hantavirus. The home in the Houston suburb of the Woodlands has been under quarantine since Friday. A woman who had been […]

Burning car rolls down the road

Rain,Vomit, and Disappointment!

RAIN Good morning from the injured reserve.  This past weekend I had the honor of joining in with Team Firefighter, a group of endurance athletes, in a 90 day weight loss challenge.  Team Firefighter is a closed facebook group that is on a mission to help firefighters stay fit.  For the past two years I […]