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The 380-Degree Size-up for Hoarder Homes

380 Degree Size up from   Yesterday during our webinar I introduced the audience to the concept of a 380 size up.  To answer some of the questions I am reposting a article that I wrote on Firehouse that introduces everyone to the concept.  Click on the link below to finish the article! Thanks […]

Hoarder Fire Intentionally Set

by Matt Buxton / FAIRBANKS — Residents and businesses near Van Horn Road and Peger Road got an early morning surprise Monday when they spotted 20-foot flames reaching above rooftops on an industrial property off Schacht Street. As big as the fire was, it wasn’t a surprise for owner Terry Underwood. He started the fire. […]

Sandy Snow in WV

Queens Conflagration

Swift Water Lessons

As the east coast is battling #sandy thought I’d post some pics and send out some quick tips learned from Swift Water Tech Class. Remember your Ferry Angles Downstream Safety ( extra boats or at least folks with trow bags) Nose of the boat into the current These are some take a ways from swift water tech […]

Fighting Fire in Hoarder Homes Webcast

Today at 1300 EDT……Here’s a link to    Enter Code Number 909799934  

Sandy’s Bravest Stand Ready!

Good morning from the jumpseat here in WV. No doubt the biggest story going is how much impact that hurricane sandy and the #Frankenstorm will dump on the east coast.  The perfect storm on steroids looks to be a major problem for the east coast bravest.  During the past two years I have had the […]

Hoarder Fire with Rescue

  There is that word again….Lucky!   Yes they were lucky that she had made it close to the door because it would have been a huge challenge as all hoarding condition rescues are!  Great job folks and stay tuned for more information on Hoarding fires.

Share a Shot

Staging for #sandy Pic from Justin miller @jmizzle642

Mentoring Firefighter’s

Good afternoon from the jumpseat! As I arrive back to my favorite chair after completing a slow run/walk my mind kept wondering back to why I write?  Writing, tweeting, and sharing information with all of you is the biggest thing I have done in my fire service career.  Why is that? Because I feel that […]

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