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Hoarder Fire: Size This Up!

  Today’s feature: Size this up and let’s hear some tactical solutions to this problem! You are dispatched to this address with confirmed reports of an occupant trapped! Identify, Adjust, and Attack!   Simulation Courtesy of Simushare 

Hoarder Fires Training Featured

New Firefighter Training – West Virginia’s Eyewitness News.   Ryan Pennington is a firefighter in Charleston and trains fellow firefighters on how to handle fires at hoarding house. Hoarding stories have become a sensation on television, but it’s anything but that for firefighters when tragedy strikes. The typical hoarding house creates several obstacles for the […]

Views from the “Pit of Promotion”

Good afternoon from the deep dark halls of the “Pit”.  With the deadline of a promotional exam looming I have shifted my studying into high gear while moving it into my desk area.  It’s amazing the content that is required to cover for a 100 question test.  So as I enter the “Pit” and get […]

Get Low!

Here’s my Number: Call me….Maybe?

In my shameless admitting of liking music that one would not normally call “manly”, I hear this song and it brings up a question.  Will I be ready when your number is called to respond? I would assume that we all are assigned to a station that has a number or a piece of apparatus […]

Hoarder rescued

Story From CBCNEWS Great learning points in this story: Listen to the stories of how the occupant responded to the firefighters touching his belongings Size up the conditions.  Rate it (1-5) with a 5 being the worst! Great point calling for additional resources Consider what PPE should be used!   Prayers for the occupant and praise for […]

Make the stretch!

Here’s a quick one……size it up and estimate the stretch.  Jumpseat style!

Pre-Order Now: Collection of Views!

Excited to announce that Views from the Jumpseat will be taking Pre-Orders of “Collection of Views” starting today!   $19.99 Plus Shipping (5.99)  Click Here to Pre-Order Your copy Today   Books will Ship on February 1.2013        

Estimate the Stretch

Good morning from the Jumpseat.  One pressing issue that keeps coming to mind is making the hose stretch!  We would like to start a section of the views for just this.  Let’s start here, with limited information and see what you think.  What you see is what you get.  Can you answer these questions: What […]

How long is your Hose?

After posting a pic on the views social media accounts to estimate a stretch I keep wondering who practices these tactics that everyone suggests.  When was the last time you’re drilled with your crew on extending a pre-connected attack line.  Let us review some quick tips from the jumpseat perspective to make sure your hose […]

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