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National hook up the hose campaign

FDIC 2013 Next Level Partnership

Since the beginning of my “big city” firefighting career in 2007, ok Charleston is a big city in WV, I have carried a couple different flashlights on my turnout gear, helmet, and strap. I made this personal decision after an experience during my rookie year after we made a knock down on a two-story apartment […]

Hoarder Fire Case Study

Good afternoon from the Chamber of Hoarders.  We would like to announce the launch of a case study on fires with Hoarding Conditions present.  You will find an attached document with a  questionnaire regarding any fires that you may have ran with hoarding conditions. Please join in and download this short review of Heavy Content Fires as […]

When leadership will NOT Train you!

Hey Cap, can we train today?  How many times have you uttered those words just to hear something like “I’ve done this for x number of years I know what I’m doing, and you do too”. I feel like there are many reason why folks take this kind of an opinion when it comes to […]

Hoarder Homes Class

Hoarder Fires: Dealing with the Occupant’s

  From the studying of Compulsive Hoarding Disorder and the effects that it has on today’s first reponders one common problem keeps coming up.  Dealing with the occupants of these homes can prove to be a challenging problem if we are tasked to deal with an emergency y inside their Hoarded Environment.  Interaction with the […]

Box of Frustrations

Here is a video of the most demanding drill that this jumpseat rider has ever been through.  I’ll have more reflection on the box of frustrations soon!

Mask in the back?

One of the best things about being the unofficial leader of the #viewscrew is the chance to hear the questions and opinions of many firefighters from around the world.  One opinion that caught my eye today was the question whether to put your face piece on while responding to a reported structural fire.  Let’s take […]

Less is more in Firefighting

Feels good to be out of the pit of promotion and completed the Fire Department Training Networks RIT train the trainer course.  I cannot express how these last few months have been some of the most challenging, blessed, frustrating, happiest, and disappointing of my life.  My phone continually is ringing for more and more folks […]

News Clip from Rit Train the Trainer

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