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Views and FoxFury Nomad Contest FDIC 2014!

Jumpseat Radio 011:Rookies Rock

Jumpseat Radio 011: Rookies Rock!  When a rookie firefighter comes into a fire station the infusion of energy is noticeable right away. Whether its their excitement or the experienced firefighters that take the time to teach them the why’s and how’s of our fire stations we should use this excitement to keep everyone #jumpseat ready!

Hook up the Hose First Video

Jumpseat Radio 010: Fire Station Motivation

Jumpseat Radio 010: Fire Station Motivation In this episode the Views from the Jumpseat Crew will be talking about staying motivated. Listen in as we talk about keeping the focus on the mission and staying positive around the fire station. How do you handle the unmotivated moments? Shifting focus away from the firehouse. How can […]

Jumpseat Radio 009: 3 Levels of Air Management

Jumpseat Radio 009: 3 Levels of Air Management In this episode we will be discussing air management on three levels: Chief Officer Fire Officer Firefighter Listen in as Ryan gives tips and reminders on how to ensure you have the air the complete your task and go home!!!

Jumpseat radio 008: Firefighter Size up!

Jumpseat Radio 008: Firefighter Size up! This weeks podcast will look at the basic principles of #jumpseatready and how we all can keep a constant and consistent size up going throughout our days. Either responding from home or while at the station we should always be ready for our next response. This episode will cover […]

Jumpseat Intro to the Foxfury Family