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Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat Ready firefighting with Tony Kelleher

Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat ready with Tony Kelleher   In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington brings Fire Chief Tony Kelleher on the show to talk about the “Combat Ready” mentality.  Being prepared, committed, and in the right mindset to handle the biggest emergency of your life each time the alarm bell rings […]

Jumpseat Radio 017: Am I a Truckie yet?

  Jumpseat Radio: 017  Am I a Truckie Yet?   This week’s Jumpseat Radio Podcast host, Ryan Pennington, reviews some “quick tips” for keeping up with your truck company skills. Having good truck company skills are needed no matter what type of unit you arrive on.   Ryan reviews tips for: Vertical Ventilation Forcible Entry […]

Jumpseat Radio 016: Spicing up your Springtime Drills

Jumpseat Radio 016: Spicing up your Springtime Drills  In this episode join host Ryan Pennington as he discusses ways to add some no cost variables to your springtime drills to ensure the firefighters they are #jumpseatready!   During this podcast Ryan talks about basic functions with additions of teamwork and communications. 1) Start Simple 2) […]