A Box of Frustration!

Seems like every time you feel pretty confident about being a firefighter something has a way of humbling you! This box full of wire will do just that! Even the most comfortable person in their gear and air pack will feel like they really are trapped. “Work through your problems,” just doesn’t seem like a correct statement, but maybe it is. Resisting the natural instincts to rip, cut, and pull can be a very hard to learn.

So does it take a box of wire to teach us just that? I will leave the answer to that question up to you. I would suggest to find or build this prop to place your firefighters into this situation. First ,without being able to cut or displace the wire, then allow them any means to remove themselves. Train, train, and train! Then when you feel comfortable with it switch it up! I personally find this prop hard, so guess what….off to the box I go! Stay focused on training and thanks for the visit to the jumpseat!
welcome to the jumpseat!

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