All Tied Up?

Have you ever had a day like this? Today the CFD conducted their evaluation of the latest crop of rookies. Our “Civic Center Test” has came under some controversy as of late. It is a physically and mentally demanding test that will push you to your limits. Sound familiar? The only difference between the rookie testing and a fire scene is that no one’s life is at risk during the test. It seems more than fair to me ,due to the nature of our chosen business , that we must be “Fit to Fight”. As rookies we need to make sure that they are prepared for what is ahead of them. But what about the guys that are not “Rookies”. Myself personally I am struggling with a fitness program. Teaching here and family there puts a time strain on all of us. But when should our fitness be as important to us as it was back when we were rookies? It should be more important because as we lose the advantage of youth experience has to kick in! So, once again I will set out on a journey to become “Fit to Fight” because you will never know when the day will come when the bell hits and we rush out the door just to get all tied up! Thanks again for reading “Views from the Jumpseat”!

welcome to the jumpseat!

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