Alleged Hoarder in Custody After 7 Hour Standoff

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  As we are experiencing technical difficulties with our sister site we will continue to spread the hoarder message here on views from the jumpseat.  This is a tragic story that hammers home what Compulsive Hoarding disorder means to the folks who experience it. 

This story has all the “tell tell” signs of compulsive hoarding.  The code enforcement officer shows up to serve notice and they find a person with a deep seated passion for their belongings.  People who hoard have a deep association with their stuff!  They are even willing to booby trap or shoot at people who threaten it.

Since the days of the collier brothers the intense feelings for things that you and I feel are valueless are well documented.  We all should watch this video and learn from this tragic event.

People who hoard have a disorder that needs to be handled with care.  Learn the warning signs of a possible hoard behind closed doors and practice how to interact with someone who has this conditions.

Stay tuned for more information once gets back up and running!

Till then be safe and stay cool!!!

Alleged Hoarder in Custody After 7 Hour Standoff
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