Batman and a Firefighter?

It was just a typical Saturday around the house watching football and lounging like any male sports fan would. When my wife returned home from a trip to the store with a car full of items. Food, some household goods, Firsthand there it was. In all of its greatness, a batman printed blanket with sleeves. You heard it right……a batman SnugThe first thing that went through my mind was no way! After contemplating what a true gift this was I gave it a go. One arm, then the next, and before a blink of an eye its “SELFIE TIME”!

Once the batman snugly was on and a rocking football session started! (It’s ok to judge at this point, the warmth of the blanket with the bat sign staring right up at me started the wheels in my head.) Who is your favorite superhero? What was batman’s special power, he didn’t have any? right? Batman was a fed up young man who’s father and mother were killed by a gunman in a dark ally. That moment in time gave that young man a mission. His mission was to develop a persona, build some killer crime fighting gear, and to battle the forces of evil.

How many of today’s firefighters have the same background story that Bruce Wayne did? I can imagine a young boy coming home to find his house is on fire, suffering through months of communal living with inlaw’s, and having every material position lost. At his young age, this made such a lasting impression on this young man that his direction had been changed and a new focus was clear as a night sky. His job was to protect other families from the fate of fire.

You see batman and this jumpseat rider have a lot in common. Yes, you guessed it that young man was me. Coming home to find my house on fire was a turning point of my early childhood development. It gave me, even at that young age, clarity of purpose.

While the road to fulfilling that dream was a long and twisting one the end result has become well worth ever twist.

What is your mission?

Each and every day I have the opportunity to interact with firefighters and those who want to join our service. Some say it is a calling, others think it is a cool job that gives you time off, or by joining the local volunteer station you get the status in the community. Which one are you?

Just like the young man who came home to find his house in flames, there are thousands more out there that need positive role models and direction. The best thing about it is by being a firefighter you are already in that role. No matter whether your there to collect a paycheck or be there for a calling you have to fill the shoes of that role model with each and every moment that you pull on a pair of boots.

It’s like you are batman himself!

Does a firefighter deserve a comparison to the Dark Knight: Let’s see?

Both are normal people with no super powers
Both have the abilities to help in times of need
Each has a super cool car/truck to ride on
Both carry grappling hooks. (Ok maybe only rescue trucks)
Each has mentors (Alfred and Chiefs)
Each has a sidekick (Robin or other firefighters)

Need I go on………

The similarities are obvious. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help their communities…..

Call to action:

On your next day in the jumpseat as you clean the station, prepare you ppe, and make it ready for the next call you may just want to look to the sky. Who knows, you may look up one night and see the bat signal shining brightly over your city calling you into action.

The question is, are you prepared to save the world, or will the joker be able to pull off a heist and get away because your not #Batsuitready…..

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