Behind those doors may be a Hoard!

Hoarding Fire The weather is turning cold and it is time for the winter slumps to start.  It’s time to get out into your area to see if anything has changed, such as a hidden hoarder that has now been revealed.  A “hidden hoarder” is a person that has a hoarding condition that is ashamed or embarrassed to have anyone inside his or her home because it is compacted with belongings.  They will keep themselves as reclusive as possible until someone stumbles upon their hoard.  Often the first people to discover this are emergency responders.  If the person has a medical emergency, fire alarm, or possible trespasser the call is sent to the proper public service branch.  We they call 911 we rush to help then find a hidden truth.


Often when a home reaches, its largest capacity the hoard will spill out into the yard, garage, car, or porch area.  During the winter months, the hidden hoarders will become exposed as they make room to heat their homes thus making it visible from the exterior the conditions inside.  As you make your way through you may just happen to notice something that might cue you in to the hidden hoarder, exposing what is lurking inside.  We are not permitted to enter a private dwelling it is only speculation, but it can also be an educated guess.


If you suspect it, you should share it!  That is right, if you highly suspect someone possibly be a hoarder what good is the information if you are not on the call? If you suspect that hoarding conditions possible is present you, should send an email, text, or write something on your stations chalkboard to warn the other crews that there is danger behind the doors.  I have been in the fire service for a long time and one thing seems to stay constant.  A lack of inter-departmental communication, I am sure that this does not apply to all of you but I will take a stab that it pertains to some.  Take the time to share your suspicions with the other members that behind those doors might be a HOARD.


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