Big Brothers Watching

I am truly a self- proclaimed “tweetaholic” and yesterday’s events in Boston confirmed a few things to this jumpseat-riding firefighter; when things go bad, social media can be good.  Since the days of the first AOL chat meeting place and the invention of the different ways we communicate with each other through social media, it is amazing how much our lives have changed.  From making announcements about family to the shameful rant’s that have gotten more than one public servant in trouble, there is no doubt that we all should be paying attention to social media. 


The tragic even that transpired yesterday in Boston was a prime example of how social media can be a blessing and a curse.  The immediate tweet’s of “I’m ok” or the posts from local and national media narrating the tragic events moment by moments truly has shown how responsible people should use this powerful communication tool.  It should also prove to be an eye opener to us that we are being watched, constantly.  With every cell phone, flip camera, or other device carried by everyone we should take note that there is a possibility you are being filmed or recorded on every call and thus act appropriately.  If we are doing things the “right way” it shouldn’t have any effect on us, but remember our profession sometimes can test this theory for it’s hard for us to stay 100% every day and every call.

Having a cold, dealing with a bad patient, or even a small disagreement in the firehouse, or again thanks to all the access technology provides, a problem at home, can cause us to have those day’s where we take shortcuts on a response.  What if the next time you took that shortcut it was captured on video then posted for the world to see?  Being exposed through this method can open us up for many problems, and the least of worries will be what the Chief has to say.

First let’s all take a moment to say a prayer for the victims, families of the victims, and first responders and care givers in Boston.  Secondly, let’s try focusing a little more on the fact that we are being watched, recorded, and photographed at all times.  It’s our job to be spot on 100% of the time, that means whether its 7 am or “O’dark thirty” from call 1 to 100 we must strive to do things right every time.  We all should be aware that the statement “big brother is watching us” now means something totally different than possibly when we first started our career.



Bunker up, Buckle In, It’s where we all Begin….

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