Busiest Minutes on the Fireground

Good morning from the jumpseat. Waking up this morning and doing my morning ritual of emails, reviewing a set number of sights, and preparing for a day of writing is when I came across this absolutely awesome video posted on Statter911.Com.


It could possible be the best helmet cam footage this jumpseat rider has ever seen.  In this video you ride along with a engine company officer arriving on scene to find a well involved garden style apartment complex with a active rescue taking place and others needing to be made.


Watch this video as the first arriving crew manages the first few moments……



Now that you have watched the video let’s talk about what happened.   First and foremost is WOW!  Huge shout out to the first due crews from managing the different issues.  This video hammers home the #jumpseatready

Great Learning Points:

  • Be ready when you pull up
  • Being a follower
  • Don’t Freelance
  • Switching Gears from Firefighting to Medical


This video should be a reminder that we all need to be  #jumpseatready at all times1






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