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Does your Fire Department have a “Medal Day”

Does your department have a “Medal Day”?  FDNY did a great job with this video honoring the firefighters who went above and beyond.  Recognizing  people who do their job above and beyond usually don’t cost you a thing but the reward to them is immeasurable. Congrats to all the recipients of medals today in the FDNY. […]

Hoarder Survey!

Loyal readers of “Views” we are looking for some information of Hoarder fires.  Please take a moment to answer these 10 questions.  Results to follow soon! Thanks   welcome to the jumpseat!

Evicted Woman’s Stuff Takes Up City Block

Hidden hoarders are everywhere. Look at this nice neighborhood and listen to the reactions of the people who live close to the evicted tenant. It’s just a matter of time before YOU are the one called to rescue someone from theses conditions. Are you ready? You better be, tactical changes need to be made to […]

Marcella Ave Apartment fire with Multiple Rescue Helmet Cam Alameda Co…

Great Helmet cam….check this out! welcome to the jumpseat!

Training & Tactics Talk: Searching in the Modern Environment Douglas Cline talks with Ryan Pennington about the challenges facing firefighters

Douglas Cline talks with Ryan Pennington about the challenges facing firefighters performing searches in today’s environment. Pennington is a firefighter/paramedic with the Charleston, WV, Fire Department and a Contributing Editor. The two look at the myriad of problems facing firefighters who conduct the search for life at structure fires and discuss the recent number […]

Firefighters and Cancer!

To others, firefighters may seem reckless, what with all the charging into flaming buildings to save the helpless people trapped inside. But there is a difference between courage and recklessness. You know how to asses every situation and make rational (and often heroic) decisions. Firefighters are some of the most cautious and calculating professionals there […]