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Jumpseat Radio 039: Entry level testing with the Fire Alumni and Steve Prziborowski

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In this LIVE episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sets down with the members of the Fire Alumni and Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski to talk about entry level firefighter testing and promotional testing.   This episode was recorded live in San Diego California during Firehouse World 2015. The group engage is conversation about:   […]

Jumpseat Radio 037: Communication from the Front Seat to the Jumpseat with Lt. Mike Daley

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes in Lt. Mike Daley from New Jersey.  Ryan and Mike share their experience from presenting a classroom session where the two share the communication challenges and success between officer and firefighters.  In the session the two instructors break down:     Ladder of Abstracts […]

Jumpseat Radio Firefighter Friday 002 Goal setting in 2015

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In this weeks jumpseat Radio Firefighter Friday host Ryan Pennington talks about setting some realistic goals for your best year ever, 2015!

Air it Out with your Crews!

 When was the last time that you truly paid attention to your air supply during a structural fire? I will throw myself under the bus and reveal that I do not pay enough attention to my air supply.  It seems like something that should not even need to be mentioned because if you run out […]

Less is more in Firefighting

Feels good to be out of the pit of promotion and completed the Fire Department Training Networks RIT train the trainer course.  I cannot express how these last few months have been some of the most challenging, blessed, frustrating, happiest, and disappointing of my life.  My phone continually is ringing for more and more folks […]

News Clip from Rit Train the Trainer

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Melted Helmets: Badge of Honor?

Does having a melted helmet mean that you are a battle tested Warrior. I am going to talk about an unwritten or very rarely spoken about topic in the fire service, melted helmets.  Why does it seem like we look at the firefighter with the melted eye shields as if they are a true hero.  […]

Share a Shot

Good instructor gone great!

Instructors Should Strive for: Good afternoon from the injured reserve.  As I sit today listenting to my pastor in church my mind couldn’t help to wonder on why he is a great pastor?  What makes an instructor go  from being good to great?  So off to the facebook and twitter world I went to find […]

A Firefighters view from 30,000 Feet!

Firefighters Vacations It is truly amazing the perspective that you can see while riding in an airplane 30000 feet above the earth.  I am writing today from the jumpseat of an airplane heading toward the surf, sand, and sun of Florida’s gulf coast.   Having a career that put’s a big strain on your body and mind […]

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