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Jumpseat Radio 61: Is aggressive a Bad Word?

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Jumpseat Radio 061 Is Aggressive a bad word?   In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington talks about the word “Aggressive”. For a long time many folks thought aggressive was not a word that should be used to describe a firefighter, rather an emotion that goes along with recklessness.  Ryan uses a book from […]

Question for the JumpseatNation?

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Can you put your facepiece on with fire gloves on? This past week an instructor posted a question about placing our facepiece on without taking gloves off. Really, it isn’t a question that I have spent even two seconds on. My fellow instructors and I have been teaching firefighters to not take off their gloves […]

Everyone wants to be a gangster until

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By now the firefighter meme about the title of this blog has circuited around the inter-webs for months. It shows a firefighter removing bars with a saw with heavy fire coming out. While this picture is sure to get the safety folks cold chills down their spines it also is a true statement. Being a […]

Lessons from the Start

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One of the best things about being assigned to the training division is being a small part of the introduction of new firefighters into our world. Taking a fresh-faced new person off the street and teaching them how to handle emergency situations is truly an honor. Each bright eyed and bushy tailed new firefighters brings […]

Jumpseat Radio 051: Credit belongs

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Its back! Jumpseat Radio returns with a vengeance! This week episode host Ryan Pennington shares some insight from two new books.  Episode 51 we share a powerful speech from President Roosevelt and how it applies to social media of today! Here is part of Presidents Roosevelts Speech: It is not the critic who counts; not the […]

Jumpseat Radio 050: Stepping up with Frank Viscuso

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In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso from Kearny NJ.  Frank is a Fire Engineering contributor, author of Step up and Lead, and is a national level speaker on the topic of leadership. In this powerful podcast Frank shares: His college experience in rowing Leadership is a […]

Jumpseat Radio 046 Interview with the Swedish Fire Nerd Lars Ã…gerstrand

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In this weeks episode host Ryan Pennington sits down with Lars Ã…gerstrand from the Varnamo Fire and Rescue Service Sweden.  Lars travels the globe training firefighters on fire dynamics.  His science based approach to fire is a must see in the fire service!  Topics Covered History of fire training in Sweden Swedish Container Fire Training […]

Preparation requires plan A,B, and C.

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When was the last time things didn’t go as planned and you had to resort to plan b?  Being a firefighter requires adaptability to the situations faced.  Very rarely do fires occur in buildings with no set back, flat ground, clear spaces from aerial placement, and enough water to float the building down the street.  […]

Jumpseat Radio 45 Fire Station Motivation 2 with Rob Owens

Jumpseat Radio 45 Fire Station Motivation 2 with Rob Owens   In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sits down with “The Average Jake “ Rob Owens to talk motivation in the firehouse.  Ryan and Rob have similar beliefs about keeping firefighters of all ages motivated to train, workout, and live the “Team […]

Jumpseat Radio Firefighter Friday Mental Health Tips

In this weeks firefighter Friday Mark Lamplugh shares his mental health tips of the week!  

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