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Dangers of Hoarding to EMS

 It is no secret that todays fire services call volume is made up of nearly 80 percent Emergency Medical Runs. This number increases the chance of encountering a Hoarding condition 80 percent more than on a fire call.  Funny thing about this is there can be more danger in entering a hoarded condition in an […]

Hoarder Fire Intentionally Set

by Matt Buxton / FAIRBANKS — Residents and businesses near Van Horn Road and Peger Road got an early morning surprise Monday when they spotted 20-foot flames reaching above rooftops on an industrial property off Schacht Street. As big as the fire was, it wasn’t a surprise for owner Terry Underwood. He started the fire. […]

Attack from Above

Hoarder Attic Fires Good afternoon from the jumpseat! With the video we posted earlier from Fresno California showing the difficulties with fires in attic spaces of Hoarder houses we thought it would be a good time to hit a few learning points from it.  Hoarding poses real dangers and difficulties to firefighters.  From large amounts […]

Hoarder Fires

Hoarder Fires Over the past few weeks there have been more tragic cases of fires in Hoarding conditions, fires that produced fatalities.  These horrific cases should drive home the need for us to train our firefighters how to handle these problems.  Here are two recent cases: San Francisco Hoarding Fire: Link Here: San Francisco Denver Area Fire with […]

Look what’s behind those doors….

Hoarder Fires   Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  Until our sister site is back up and running I want to continue writing about a dangerous condition that are coming up more and more.  Hoarder house fires have been fought on a level never seen before. This is a growing problem that we must train on.  So let’s […]

Hoarder house fire kills lone occupant

Good morning from the jumpseat. As I return from my doctor’s appointment about my shoulder and listen to a 5-alarm fire in Brooklyn NYC I came across this horrific story of a hoarding fire fatality.  Take a moment to look at these dramatic pictures of after the fire was extinguished. These images are a great example […]

Animal hoarder charged with death of 20 pets

   By Michael Williams/Today’s Sunbeam from SALEM — An alleged animal hoarder was indicted recently on animal cruelty charges in connection with an incident earlier this year when 20 of her pets burned to death while trapped in a horse trailer. Brenda S. Rhodes, 60, was indicted by a Salem County Grand Juryon third-degree […]

PD: ‘Unusual’ note found at Phoenix house fire

Here is a link to a great article out of Phoenix Arizona. According to Steve Kuzi from the fire department responded to a reported structural fire and found a vacant hoarder home at level 5.  While fighting the fire they found a disturbing note admitting to starting the fire and other crimes. This is a classic case of how […]

Firefighter Treated For Burns In Three-Alarm Harlem Fire

Looks like the FDNY was faced with a “Heavy Contents” fire this morning in Spanish Harlem.  From the news report looks like they found what the FDNY calls “colliers mansion” conditions, named after the collier brothers from Manhattan.  I have spoken with many FDNY members who express how common these conditions are in their city. […]

Hoarder without Boarders

Good evening from the jumpseat.  As I try to unlock the lid that has firmly planted it’self on my brain I wanted to give a shout out to some folks that have reached out to me.  After the past year and half of researching Fires in Hoarded conditions my amazement keeps growing.  I had no […]

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