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Lessons from Live Fire Evolutions

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During a recent 1403 Burn firefighters from around our region gained experience about many fire dynamic variables. One of the biggest was controlling the air.  Controlling the airflow is a major concern for interior operations. This video shows the opening of an air-tract during one of the evolution and its effects on the fire gasses. […]

Christmas Tree Fires

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Good Morning from Jumpseat Training, We would like to share some great work from the past weeks performed by our local fire departments, emergency management, and education folks.  Here in the Charleston Area multiple agencies came together and worked on a Christmas Tree fire demonstration to highlight the dangers of Christmas Tree Fires.  The attached […]

Firefighters can learn a lot from a Dollhouse

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Did the title really just say that firefighters are playing with dollhouses? If you talk to one particular Assistant Chief they are NOT DOLLHOUSES. But for all intensive purposes, they are small houses built to the scale of a small dollhouse. The difference being these are built with a different purpose, teaching fire dynamics.  Let’s […]