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Police Kick in Doors: Firefighter Force Doors

How long should it take you to force a standard residential door? Do you try and “Kick” it in? With security of homes being a bigger concern these days it seems that the doors are stronger than ever. This offers more security for the homeowner and a bigger challenge for us firefighters. When discussing this […]

Burning Up Christmas

A demonstration showing how flammable a dry Christmas tree can be as opposed to a tree watered regularly. This test was conducted by the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters NFPA: On average, one of every 66 reported home structure Christmas tree fires resulted in a death compared to an average of one death per […]

Expect Hoarding

Another day of Honey-Do checklist getting crossed off I get a tweet from the “Average Jake ‏@AverageJakeFF Now that I’m aware of it they keep popping up in rapid numbers #hoarding #fire #ems #dangerous @Jumpseatviews.  I immediately take to the texting airways to inquire about his experience.  He explains that it was a common occurrence […]

The Next Shooting

Good morning from the Jumpseat. As the horrific news came out last Friday of the school shooting in Connecticut we all stayed glued to the television at the firehouse watching.  Violence is nothing new to us, first responders, but this was something unbelievable.  How could anyone choose to harm such innocent young children? Seems unfathomable! […]

Stretching on a Dwelling.

Good morning from the jumpseat.  As I fell asleep last night listening to the scanner app from Detroit I couldn’t help but keep these firefighters in my prayers.  I do believe that these brave men and women are seeing a series of fires that would rival some of the worst in history. One thing that […]

Jumpseat Ready: What does it mean?

Views from the jumpseat was born from the 2009 Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. As the conference progressed, I noticed that the views from the street level firefighter was missing.  The fire service is a lot like the military and other services where we all start in the same place.  It just so happens that all […]

Wv Gas Explosion 12/11/12

Here is some audio from yesterday’s Large Gas Explosion.  I was not on the call but my department sent multiple resources.  More pictures to follow.

Melted Helmets: Badge of Honor?

Does having a melted helmet mean that you are a battle tested Warrior. I am going to talk about an unwritten or very rarely spoken about topic in the fire service, melted helmets.  Why does it seem like we look at the firefighter with the melted eye shields as if they are a true hero.  […]

Outstanding Hoarder Fires

Commonly I will tell someone that I have taken on the topic of emergencies inside Hoarding conditions and the first thing they say is “we just don’t go in”.  Although I often disagree with them this tactic is one that is in the toolbox of fire attacks.  If you arrive to find a yard full […]

A must see Video!

A video is worth a thousand words! I just can’t get this particular video out of my mind and feel impelled to write a couple observations about it.  I am a HUGE opponent to keyboard quarterbacking videos of firefighters as you are only seeing a small glimpse of the fire scene.  This video offers enough of a […]

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