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Have you mastered the Large Streams?

Good afternoon from the New and Improved “Views from the Jumpseat” site. We appreciate your patient as we build a new and improved jumpseat site.  As we build this site reflecting the views of all the street level firefighters it seems like we all have seen an increase in the amount of defensive attacks made on […]

West “By God” Virginia People

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  In my travels around this great country spreading the #hoarding message  I often encounter people who know little about my home state.  The comments range from: is that near Richmond to isn’t Charleston near the ocean (referring to Charleston SC). Many not knowing that we are a state and not […]

West Virginia folks…..

Happy Memorial Day from the Jumpseat!

On this special day remember to personally say “Thank You” to someone who is/or has served our country in the Military.  I thought that I would share this AWESOME video of the “Pride of West Virginia” marching bands performance with you.  What a great tribute!   Happy Memorial day….and a Huge Thank you to all the […]