Firefighter Treated For Burns In Three-Alarm Harlem Fire

Looks like the FDNY was faced with a “Heavy Contents” fire this morning in Spanish Harlem.  From the news report looks like they found what the FDNY calls “colliers mansion” conditions, named after the collier brothers from Manhattan.  I have spoken with many FDNY members who express how common these conditions are in their city.

FDNY has one option that most of us don’t, Staffing. The news reports state that this fire went to three alarms bringing 138 firefighters to the scene.  Can you imagine how long it would take to get 138 to your fire scene.

This is why identifying, controlling, and pre-fire planning “Heavy Content” residences before they catch fire is so important.  Once you discover these conditions you should report findings to the entire department, code officials, landlords, and dispatch center.  Knowing that you will be facing these conditions before you arrive will allow time to call extra alarms for more firefighters, allow you to change tactics, and make for a safer fire scene.

Great job by the FDNY, as usual.  Speedy recovery to the burned firefighter and thanks to the news team for sharing this video.  Hoarding is becoming a familiar condition to today’s firefighters, time to train on dealing with this growing problem!!

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