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Once again, we are back in the jumpseat, welcome back!  Do you have a goal for your fire service career?  This question popped up in my head today as we reviewed the upcoming sports season.  Most athletes have goals that they strive to reach.  From a football player making it to the super bowl to an Olympic swimmer making it to the gold medal podium they all set their short and long-term goals.  Can a firefighter have a goal? If you do set a goal, where do you start?  Let’s look at some goals that one might find written by a jumpseat riding firefighter like myself and maybe I’ll let you in on some of my personal goals!

Short term Goals

Short-term goals should be set to lead you in the next months of your career.  They should be attainable, measurable, and reasonable.  Many of you reading this article would like to turn your passion, the fire service, into a career.  This may be an example of a short-term goal that may need to be extended to a long-term goal.  Let’s say that you have trained to become a career firefighter and you have eyes focused on a department.  Your goal is to be hired, but where do you start?  You start by researching what they need for entry-level firefighters, how their written

testing is given, and when the physical agility test is given.  There is your start.  Now make some smaller goals with the goal in mind.

  • Month one:  Purchase a test prep manual and prepare for CPAT
  • Month Two: Determine the application opening date and prepare for CPAT
  • Month three: Talk to members of the department for suggestion and practice for CPAT

You can see where this is going, hopefully if you are honest in your personal assessment and planning you can meet your goal within the year period.  This is just one small example of a short-term goal, one that stands in the way of many ambitious young folks looking for this particular career path.

Long term Goals:

Long-term goals should be set for the 5, 10, or more years in the future.  They also should be realistic, measurable, and attainable.  One of my long-term goals is to become a fire service voice educating firefighters on the dangers of fighting fires in hoarding conditions. This is something that I am passionate about and have a plan laid out.

  • Step one: Get some articles out and build website
  • Step two: Reach out to anyone who is affected by Hoarding and build website
  • Step Three: Provide information to ¼ of the 20,000 firefighters in the us.

Once again, you can see where this is going.  This might seem like an overwhelming goal but it is one that I am taking on.   You see passion will shine through and propel you to all of your goals.  I am passionate about spreading this message and maybe you should find a goal that you are passionate for.  Maybe to be chief one day to serve your community in a bigger role is your goal.  Set your plan, make your goals, and share them with your peers to help you stay on track.

In closing, remember that to drive somewhere that you are not familiar with you need a map.  A map is what you should lay out to make your way to your goals.  Shoot for the moon!  If you miss the moon, you can always grab a star while you are up there!
Bunker up, buckle in, and remember it’s where we ALL begin!

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