Got Tech Rescue?

Today was a day full of snow, cold,and Ice so we used this time to knock out some classroom training. Topic of the day, Confined Space. In the process of review for some and introducing to others it reminded me just how technical our job really is. IDLH this, LEL that, SAR here, and UEL there it seems like we have to know a lot about everything. Gone are the day’s that we just go to fire’s. From paramedicine to trench rescue how do we learn and retain it all. My suggestion, following today’s class, is that we better be visiting these subjects at least two and three times a year. Game day isn’t’ the time to be figuring things out.

Winter may be slowing us down on the outside, but maybe it’s time to speed us up on the inside! The colder months is a great time to review some of the skills and subjects that you may not see but once or twice a year. Confined space rescue would be a great place to start. From constant air monitoring to supplied air respirators a refresher is definitely need to sharpen and maintain your skills! Don’t let the cold slow you down on becoming the best TECHY that you can be!

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