Jumpseat Radio 075 Pips secret to success

In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington, welcomes back the cohost and best friend of the #JumpseatNation Robert “Pip” Piparo. This podcast was recorded live in the house of Pip in Central New Jersey.  Ryan was in New Jersey for a local teaching event and drove down to meet pip for a SURPRISE 40th Birthday.   

During the visit Ryan and Pip cranked out three podcasts, all while Pip had NO idea that his buds were on the way to surprise him for his birthday. 

Inside Podcast #1 Pip and Ryan talk about how to change anything in your life.

Covered in the Podcast:

  • Pips secret to making a change
  • Small adjustments lead to big changes
  • Your not Dead
  • Get better tomorrow

This podcast is sponsored by Chief Miller.  Chief Miller operates the largest Social Media page dedicated to the men and women of the fire service from around the world.  

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Rob Piparo, better known as Pip, is a Lieutenant with the City of New Brunswick Fire Department, located in New Brunswick, NJ and a Paramedic with Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy, NJ. He has been involved with emergency services for 17 years. Pip holds certifications as a Firefighter 1 & 2, NJ Level 1 Fire Instructor, Extrication, High Angle and Confined Space Technician, NJ and National Registry Paramedic, and Crossfit Level I.

Pip has always been passionate about fitness. He spent several years running half marathons and training strictly with kettlebells until he discovered Crossfit. He is currently a Coach at Iron Crossfit in North Brunswick, NJ . He has also completed a marathon and an Olympic distance triathlon with hopes of someday being able to compete in an ironman distance. 

Pip’s passion for training lead him to the 555 Fitness page, where he quickly developed a friendship with Larry, its owner. After several months of back and forth banter, Larry asked Pip if he wanted to join the team. One could say the rest is history, but for now, we will just say we are too busy making history. email – pip@555fitness.com


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