Jumpseat Radio 087 3 Reasons why you are Failing


You are comfortable where you’re at. 


  •     When was the last time you were pushed to your limits
  •     How do you honestly Judge your Fireground performance 
  •     Does it take a mistake or a near miss to change it  
  •     Does it take a health scare or near miss to make you work harder? 
  •     Tim McGraw “live like you are dying 



You are putting your needs ahead of the others. 

  •     Station life is hard. 
  •     Supporting your officer 
  •     Pushing your firefighters around you 
  •     Being selfish in needs…  What makes your comfortable weather its television, or “creature comforts’ 
  •     Not mission focused..  Gear prep, response, prep  
  •     Don’t know your area enough 


You won’t allow yourself to Fail or be embarrassed  

  •      You don’t see yourself from the outside in 
  •      You see your skills and abilities as good enough 
  •     You see your fitness as good enough  
  •     All your fires have gone out so far. 
  •     Nothing bad has happened. 




How do you want to push yourself and others?  
 Is your company the go to the company.   
How do you evaluate your performance 


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