Jumpseat Radio 090 Intoxicated Leadership with Benjamin Martin

In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Benjamin Martin to the podcast to share his take on Intoxicated Leadership.  Benjamin has a GREAT perspective on controlling emotions, conflict resolution, and followership.

Topics Covered:

  • Controlling emotions
  • Managing Conflict
  • How the body reacts to Emotions
  • Takeaways to help you inside the Firehouse
  • Know thy people, know thyself
  • People are the most unpredictable part of the firehouse



Benjamin’s Bio

Benjamin Martin is an officer in a Large Fire Department in Virginia and a 13-year veteran of emergency services. He is currently assigned to the training section. His passion is engine company work. He speaks nationally on leadership and is a contributing author to Honor & Commitment: Standard Life Operating Guidelines for Firefighters & Their Families. He has written leadership articles for FirefighterToolbox and FirefighterWife. He is the owner and operator of www.EmbraceTheResistance.com.




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