Jumpseat Radio 113 Where does success on the Fireground Start

Jumpseat Radio 112 Where does success on the Fireground Start
Where does success on the fireground start?  It starts with company level preparation 
Step one Firefighter Prep 
  • Know your job.   (bar, hook, roof, or all of them) 
  • Know your tools 
  • Know you PPE 
Step two Driver Operator Prep 
  • Know your rig 
  • Know your district
  • Know your placement 
Step three Officer Prep 
  • Know your people 
  • Know your limitations 
  • Know your speed of operations 
Final is the Glue that binds them all together and that is the company level prep working together. 
  • Begin with constant company level drills
  • Review constantly together 
  • Practice in-game speed mode 
  • Allow failures on the drill ground 
  • Push each other 
  • Honest evaluations 
Wrap up 
Upcoming classes Missou Winter fire school Feb 8-9, Firehouse world Feb 25-26, March 7 Lima Ohio 
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