Jumpseat Training 076 Behind the Shield with James Geering

In this weeks episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sits down with James Geering from Behind the Shield Podcast. James is the host of an amazing podcast that focuses on the personal story of amazing public servant’s from all the services.  James and Ryan did a host/guest session where they recorded podcasts for both their shows in Orlando Florida. 

Topics Covered.

  • Sleep deprivation
  • James Stunt man life
  • Expectations of Firefighters


This podcast is sponsored by Chief Miller.  Chief Miller operates the largest Social Media page dedicated to the men and women of the fire service from around the world.  

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I was born in England and spent almost thirty years there before emigrating to the U.S.  My early years saw me in in a spectrum of jobs from lifeguard to stuntman.  I had always dreamed of becoming a Firefighter but was told as a child that my poor color vision would disqualify me from the process.  It wasn’t until I moved to America that I realized that the vision deficit was mild and was a poor excuse for not following my dream.  I promptly enrolled in the Fire Academy and the rest is history.  I have been a Firefighter/Paramedic for twelve years now and still love it as much as my first day on the job.  I am also a Crossfit coach and about to graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology.

Listen in to Ryans Podcast on James Show Here 



James Geering

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