Out on Arrival

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  During my last shift it hit me the three words that every firefighter don’t want to hear.  “Out on arrival” is three words that take you from being #jumpseatready to the aw man moment.  We all know what’s it’s like to hear the dispatch of a possible structure fire can clear a station faster than someone cooking with ramps.  We all get on our chosen unit for the day, put our seat belt on, and prepare for the upcoming battle, then those words come and it’s time to take the gear off.

Talk about a letdown, now I hate to see anyone’s property be consumed by fire and the heartbreak that goes along with it is staggering.  But let’s all face it, we like fighting fires.  If there is a fire we want it in our area, unless you the engineer then you want it in your second due so you can fight some fire.  That’s why I chose to work on the west side of my city, to see more fire.  If you repaired air conditioners would you go to Alaska to work, I vote NO. 
With the constant stream of non-fire related calls coming our way you must stay on guard for your next fire. Just remember that when the bell rings, you get dressed and ready just to hear the words Out on Arrival broadcasted over the radio that you shoud take the time to make sure that you place all you PPE and equipment ready for the next fire because you never know where it will be!

Thanks for the stop in the jumpseat!

Bunker up, Buckle in, it’s where we all begin!

Picture is from the Dover DE Fire Department  Rescue 1 

Taken during visit to Delaware in March 2012
welcome to the jumpseat!

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