Jumpseat Tweet Conversation

Welcome back to the Jumpseat!  We would like to introduce our new articles that feature YOU!  Views from the jumpseat has a constant stream of tweets from various firefighters from around the world.  Now we are taking your tweets and adding to the discussion of various topics here on the views.   First question:  Can […]

Mayday in Baltimore

Chilling audio our of Baltimore Maryland.  We all should listen and learn from this audio and prepare ourselves for the mayday transmission if you ever need it!   Let’s take a look at some training for Maydays: http://www.firehouse.com/blog/10635603/mayday-mayday-mayday http://www.firehouse.com/article/10732324/why-firefighters-call-mayday http://www.firefighternation.com/article/firefighter-safety-health/mayday-training-done-right-0   Make sure to check out this awesome article from Dr. G: http://www.samatters.com/2012/09/16/dispatchers-role-in-situational-awareness/

Great Fdny Video….He’s my Brother

Honoring the Fallen!

Smoke Showing?

Good morning Jumpseat viewers.  I ran across this video earlier and was wanting some feedback from you, the readers.  In this video the smoke conditions are what I would describe as Troubling.  Watch the video and let’s start a healthy discussion on what we are seeing and how this could be a dangerous situation! Leave comments below!

Behind those doors may be a Hoard!

The weather is turning cold and it is time for the winter slumps to start.  It’s time to get out into your area to see if anything has changed, such as a hidden hoarder that has now been revealed.  A “hidden hoarder” is a person that has a hoarding condition that is ashamed or embarrassed […]

Extinguish App for Ipad or Iphone!

Views from the Jumpseat would like to introduce our first advertising partnership.  Extinguish is a truly affordable and portable MDT program that is available on the Apple Ipad or Iphone, reducing the cost for all departments while offering solutions for responding professionals.  Take a few minutes to watch the video about this great solution to […]

Views Goes Pink!

More Hot Shots!

Wondering How?

Good afternoon from the jumpseat!  After a long set back from my shoulder injury the Jumpseat was a welcome sight yesterday.  The shift went by pretty fast with some excitement mixed in.  As I was preparing my burn gear for tomorrow’s Firefighter Level 1 class skills day my mind kept wondering how are the students going to […]

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