Hoarder Fires Webcast

Hoarder Homes: Piles of Hazards for Firefighters   Free Webcast October 29, 2012 1300 EDT   Fighting fires in hoarded homes is rapidly becoming a familiar occurrence in today’s fire service. While the mission is still the same, the tactics used when fighting these fires need to change to make for a safer environment. This presentation will […]

Had to Repost

Originally  posted on FireCritic.com.  Had to repost this one and give a Huge Shout out to their creativity!  Great video that ends with a nice message about fire safety   Hey, what ever it takes to get the message across!  

Firefighter’s Numbers and States

Good morning from the jumpseat.  Yesterday we did a Tweet out where followers tweeted their stations and States.  It truly is amazing how we are all so similar.  Here is the rundown of who responded: John Osmond ‏@Johnny_LT4  Wodonga Urban Fire Brigade CFA (Vol) and Bandiana Fire station (private sector FF) Australia Jake Sorensen ‏@Jake67Sorensen  Station 24 Kelso, […]

Share a Shot 10-23-2012

 Click on image to advance to the next picture! Here’s Some Quick shot’s sent in this week!

Attack from Above

Hoarder Attic Fires Good afternoon from the jumpseat! With the video we posted earlier from Fresno California showing the difficulties with fires in attic spaces of Hoarder houses we thought it would be a good time to hit a few learning points from it.  Hoarding poses real dangers and difficulties to firefighters.  From large amounts […]

Share Your Shots.

 Share a Shot! Welcome to the new section of Views from the Jumpseat.  We are happy to announce the new section of our website. “Share your Shots” will be a section where we feature you shots from anything fire. Views from the Jumpseat is about the Fire service and we will show what you are […]

Hoarder Attic Fire

Check out this great video from the Fresno Area.  It demonstrates the challenges faced when Hoarding conditions are present in an attic fire.  Watch as the Firefighters have to use coal shovels to remove and overhaul the attic space through large holes cut in the roof. Stay tuned to Views for more on Attic fire in Hoarder […]

Cleveland Load Conversion

  Have been working on this adaptation of the Cleveland load.  Takes a while to perfect it but man does it work….Stay tuned for more……

Radio Strap Debate

Good afternoon from the jumpseat. I can’t get away from this great debate.  Over the coat, under the coat, and can’t stand them are three common comment’s that I often hear about when you mention the radio strap.  We all know the importance of carrying a radio when running emergency calls but how you carry […]

Hidden Hoarder

Good morning from the jumpseat! Often times when I tell folks that I have been researching fires in hoarding conditions and ask “how long does it take to find the conditions” , they respond with, not long.  Most folks seem to think that you will be able to find these condition from down the block. […]

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