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Good,Hot, afternoon from the jumpseat.  It’s truly amazing how sometimes I can find inspiration in the weirdest of places to share here on the views.  As I attended, my daughters swim meet today I noticed how some excelled at the sport while some just seemed to “be swimming through the motions”.  Then it hit me like a runaway Michael Phelps joke, BAM!  How many of you just go through the motions at your firehouse.  During my career, I have seen many firefighters’ who could care less about learning their trade and just go through the day without a burning passion for the job.


What is YOUR passion?  If you don’t put your heart and soul into something are you truly giving it you’re all?  Just like the kids whose parents make them compete in a sport they don’t like you will just swim through your career not knowing what you could achieve.  It takes passion, passion for helping people, passion for learning the job, and passion for honing your skills to the point of proficiency. 

All the great athletes, just like firefighters, hay a burning desire to compete at the highest level.  Whether it is the Olympics or NFL they all want to be on top.  Do you want to be on top of the fire service?  We all should put our heart and soul into learning our trade, then climbing the ladder of rank, then take our passion and share it with the thousands of firefighters who come after us.  This is where your passion will shine through.  Taking a class from a passionate instructor makes learning a joy for the student’s and gives the instructor pride when the student’s do well.  

In closing, do not be unhappy swimmers!  Put your passion into the fire service and who knows what it might give back to you.  It pays me back every time I see one of my students on an engine, ambulance, or rescue truck because I know without a doubt that when I taught them my passion shined through. 



Be safe everyone and thanks for the visit to the jumpseat!!!
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