Snow Down

Wow, what a winter. But how does winter effect us in the fire and ems business. Seems like we get the fire call during the coldest part of the day. Preparation is a must for cold weather responses. How do you prepare for the weather? Do you carry extra uniforms to change into if you get wet? What kind of base layer do you use, if at all? Remember polyester is great until it gets hot then it becomes shrink wrap! Have you ever thought about hydration during the cold months. Just because your covered in warm clothes you still sweat as much or more while your working. Unlike when it is hot, it is sometimes hard to think about hydration when it is cold.

Take the time to prepare during the winter months!
Maybe the best advice for winter responses is to SLOW DOWN! Just because you don’t see the ice doesn’t mean its not there. Allow yourself extra stopping distance, while responding and cut down on the speed. You won’t help anyone if you don’t get there!
be safe….and pray the groundhog don’t see nothing….
welcome to the jumpseat!

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