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Jumpseat Radio 051: 3 Clues a home is full of Heavy Content

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington shares 3 cues and clues that a home is full of heavy content.  Heavy Content is a politically correct term used for first responders to identify and communicate findings of Hoarding in a respectful way. Using Heavy Content will describe the condition of the building and […]

Lessons From a Hoarder Near Miss

Near miss are words that none of us ever want to hear, or worse, experience. When Billy G posted the story of a Capt with a miss at a Hoarder house fire it really hit home as my research continues.  The story can be found Here.  I would like to take a few minutes and […]

Hoarder’s house collapses around him in Agbrigg

Published on Wednesday 7 November 2012 12:07 Link to site Here A MAN has been rescued after he fell into his living room after the first floor of his house collapsed.   The man, who is in his mid 50s, was upstairs when his bedroom floor gave way last night. Firefighters rescued him from the debris […]

Attack from Above

Hoarder Attic Fires Good afternoon from the jumpseat! With the video we posted earlier from Fresno California showing the difficulties with fires in attic spaces of Hoarder houses we thought it would be a good time to hit a few learning points from it.  Hoarding poses real dangers and difficulties to firefighters.  From large amounts […]

Behind those doors may be a Hoard!

The weather is turning cold and it is time for the winter slumps to start.  It’s time to get out into your area to see if anything has changed, such as a hidden hoarder that has now been revealed.  A “hidden hoarder” is a person that has a hoarding condition that is ashamed or embarrassed […]

Health Concerns in a Hoarded Home

Good afternoon from the Jumpseat. The recent news coming out of Houston about the exposure to the Hanta Virus is driving home the risks associated with Hoarding Houses. This home was going to be featured on reality television which exposed the film crew, families, and neighbors who had volunteered to aid in the clean up. […]

Hoarder Fires

Hoarder Fires Over the past few weeks there have been more tragic cases of fires in Hoarding conditions, fires that produced fatalities.  These horrific cases should drive home the need for us to train our firefighters how to handle these problems.  Here are two recent cases: San Francisco Hoarding Fire: Link Here: San Francisco Denver Area Fire with […]

Hoarder house fire kills lone occupant

Good morning from the jumpseat. As I return from my doctor’s appointment about my shoulder and listen to a 5-alarm fire in Brooklyn NYC I came across this horrific story of a hoarding fire fatality.  Take a moment to look at these dramatic pictures of after the fire was extinguished. These images are a great example […]

Animal hoarder charged with death of 20 pets

   By Michael Williams/Today’s Sunbeam from http://www.nj.com/ SALEM — An alleged animal hoarder was indicted recently on animal cruelty charges in connection with an incident earlier this year when 20 of her pets burned to death while trapped in a horse trailer. Brenda S. Rhodes, 60, was indicted by a Salem County Grand Juryon third-degree […]