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Aggressively Positive Online Webinar

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Live Online May 16, 2020 How can anyone hate going to the firehouse? It might be because of the people found inside. Sometimes we let our opinions and thoughts get in the way of our chosen profession. One way to fix that is to stay aggressively positive. In this highly interactive session, the presenter will […]

Jumpseat Radio 116 Live leadership Lessons from Mizzou Winter Fire School

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with Nick Papa, Anthony Avillo, and Frank Viscuso to talk about leadership. The topics covered this week include: Setting expectations Discipline and why they should write a report Turnout times Non-Negotiable’s Franks Keynote Email change Ryan@RyanPennington.us   Jumpseat Radio is a proud member of […]

Jumpseat Radio 115 Live in Mizzou with Capitol Fire Training

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington sits down with RJ from Capitol Fire Training while at Missouri Winter Fire School.   RJ, Has a passion for Forcible Entry and shares his knowledge on history, application, and why it is important to always check the C Side of ALL buildings.   Email change Ryan@RyanPennington.us   […]

Jumpseat Radio 107 Honoring the Fallen with Dr. Apuzzio

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes Dr Joe Apuzzio from Union New Jersey and is the father of Fallen Firefighter Kevin Apuzzio.  Kevin was a firefighter with the East Franklin Fire Department who selflessly and heroically died during a rescue attempt of 75-year-old Betty Scott. Firefighter  Apuzzio died when he […]

Jumpseat Radio 036: Embrace fear with Froglogic

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In this weeks Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes David B Rutherford. David is a retired Navy Seal and a motivational speaker. David’s Froglogic Concept teaches everyone to embrace Fear. His energy is electric in all of his endeavors.   In this show Ryan and David talk about:     FrogLogic Earning your spot everyday […]

Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat Ready firefighting with Tony Kelleher

Jumpseat Radio 018: Combat ready with Tony Kelleher   In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington brings Fire Chief Tony Kelleher on the show to talk about the “Combat Ready” mentality.  Being prepared, committed, and in the right mindset to handle the biggest emergency of your life each time the alarm bell rings […]

Jumpseat Radio 012: Agressive Searching

Jumpseat Radio 012:Aggressive Search In this episode host Ryan Pennington discuses the primary job of all firefighters, to save lives. Being aggressive when searching is key to increase the chances of a victim surviving. 

In this episode Ryan covers: Staying oriented Types of searches Communication Victim Removal

Jumpseat radio 008: Firefighter Size up!

Jumpseat Radio 008: Firefighter Size up! This weeks podcast will look at the basic principles of #jumpseatready and how we all can keep a constant and consistent size up going throughout our days. Either responding from home or while at the station we should always be ready for our next response. This episode will cover […]

Hoarder Fire Hands On Training.

Faces of the Fire Service

After last week in Indianapolis has ended and my head has quit spinning one thing keeps coming to mind: the faces of the fire service. There is no doubt that FDIC is an amazing place full of excited firefighters who have traveled from around the globe to learn, laugh, and share with thirty thousand “like […]

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