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Commander in Chief

Good morning from the jumpseat.  The elections are over and it’s time to regain our television channels. The winners have made their victory speeches and the loser start planning for the next election. All I can say is let’s get back to work!  It does not matter who our leader is when it comes down […]

Share a Shot

Hoarding in Australia

FIREFIGHTERS are being called to hoarders’ homes once every 10 days, with the compulsive disorder contributing to more than 20 per cent of deaths in house fires. Experts warn that hoarding, most common in those aged over 65, will increase as the population ages. MFB community ageing strategist Julie Harris said responses to hoarding incidents […]

Watch your Sore Head

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  Today on twitter I was reminded of a valuable lesson that I learned on my last fire.  I know that a website may not be the best place to admit this, but if just one person learns from my experience, it will be worth it.  WATCH YOUR HEAD!  Have you […]

Views Twitter Chat: How Busy is Your Busy

This week on Viewsfromthejumpeat Twitter: What is your busiest Unit   Type/Number and How many Runs a Year:   Keenbell Farm ‏@Keenbellfarm @Keenbellfarm: Run Stats– 2011 had 175,000 calls with 33 engines, 16 trucks, 3 squads. My engine had 4400 runs. #DCFD John Fisher ‏@JohnAFisher Run stats? Between 47 engines and 12 trucks we do around 120K+ runs/yr. […]

Jumpseat Ready Firefighter

Good morning from the jumpseat. Today’s technology is allowing us an “all access” view of the fire service.  After recieving a tweet about this video I thought that id share a few “Jumpseat Views” on it or “keyboard Quarterback it”. As the video show a “tranitional attack” works well in this case.  They roll up, […]

Delaware Pride

With Hurricane Sandy finished pounding the east coast.  I wanted to reflect on my trip to Delaware.  Over the past two years I have made the trip twice and look forward to the next one.  Here is a short blog I wrote after returning this year as Seen on Firehouse.com    Welcome back to the […]

Queens Conflagration

Swift Water Lessons

As the east coast is battling #sandy thought I’d post some pics and send out some quick tips learned from Swift Water Tech Class. Remember your Ferry Angles Downstream Safety ( extra boats or at least folks with trow bags) Nose of the boat into the current These are some take a ways from swift water tech […]

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