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Jumpseat Radio 039: Entry level testing with the Fire Alumni and Steve Prziborowski

Entry Img

In this LIVE episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sets down with the members of the Fire Alumni and Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski to talk about entry level firefighter testing and promotional testing.   This episode was recorded live in San Diego California during Firehouse World 2015. The group engage is conversation about:   […]

Air it Out with your Crews!

 When was the last time that you truly paid attention to your air supply during a structural fire? I will throw myself under the bus and reveal that I do not pay enough attention to my air supply.  It seems like something that should not even need to be mentioned because if you run out […]

Box of Frustrations

Here is a video of the most demanding drill that this jumpseat rider has ever been through.  I’ll have more reflection on the box of frustrations soon!

Maybe we all should be Bloggers!

  As I have begun the promotional process, I have started reading the massive amounts of reading material.  In this material has been a interesting chapter on firefighting history. I must admit that I haven’t been a huge history fan but maybe with age comes wisdom and it is so interesting now.  Learning about the […]

Watch your Sore Head

Good afternoon from the jumpseat.  Today on twitter I was reminded of a valuable lesson that I learned on my last fire.  I know that a website may not be the best place to admit this, but if just one person learns from my experience, it will be worth it.  WATCH YOUR HEAD!  Have you […]

Had to Repost

Originally  posted on FireCritic.com.  Had to repost this one and give a Huge Shout out to their creativity!  Great video that ends with a nice message about fire safety   Hey, what ever it takes to get the message across!  

Views Twitter Chat

Yesterday’s Twitter Chat: What type of Crosslay Load do you use:   viewsfromthejumpseat ‏@Jumpseatviews triple fold all the way. And they work with pistol grips. Nick Martin ‏@nmartin33 it also limits the length of your line, 300’ line you’d have to be able to go 100’ straight Brandon Stroud ‏@SmOkEaTeR17 the triple works good and I like it, […]

9/11 through the Eyes of a Rookie Firefighter

Guest Post from Probationary Firefighter Matt Barnes   I just walked into the lounge area of the Union at Kentucky State University. I had a few minutes in between classes and everyone was either watching television, studying or taking a nap. I had not decided what I was going to do first since I had […]

Niosh LODD Report

                        We all should take time and Read the Niosh reports of our fallen brothers and sisters as their story may save your life.  This niosh reports has many key points we all should be looking for.  Sometimes even doing things right we still […]

Preparing for Fire!

Units respond to the reported structure fire…hang on a second, I’m not ready! How many of us have had this exact thought? I would venture to say that at one point or another each of us has not been completely prepared for the next run. Often we make mistakes that can affect us on our […]

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