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Jumpseat Radio 112 Impeachment of a Firefighter

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington compares an under-performing firefighter to the current situation of the American President.   How do you see an impeachment coming? Failing on the fireground Not pulling your weight Continually not adjusting for course correction What if your crew impeached you? Violations Policies How would you take […]

Jumpseat Radio 110 It is ok to ask for Help

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington shares some personal experience with Mental Health Support and how it can make a world of difference in your Fire Service Career. Topics Covered Why do we struggle.. .           Kids          Spouse          Trauma          Business     […]

Jumpseat Radio 106 National Fire Radio LIVE

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In this week’s episode of Jumpseat Radio host, Ryan Pennington welcomes the crew from National Fire Radio.  Ryan visits the crew at their world Headquarters during a visit to New Jersey. In this episode, thew fellas talk about Training Companies Positivity in the firehouse Stepping up our leadership Beating cancer inside the firehouse How to […]

Jumpseat Radio 105 Be flexible on the Fireground with Robert Piparo

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On this week’s podcast our co-host Robert Piparo comes back to the podcast to catch up and share how firefighters must be able to change their roles on the fireground as needs change.  Pip had the chance to make a rescue and had to change roles on the fireground.  Listen in as Ryan and Pip […]

Lessons from Live Fire Evolutions

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During a recent 1403 Burn firefighters from around our region gained experience about many fire dynamic variables. One of the biggest was controlling the air.  Controlling the airflow is a major concern for interior operations. This video shows the opening of an air-tract during one of the evolution and its effects on the fire gasses. […]

Jumpseat Radio Firefighter Friday with Andy Starnes

Firefighter Friday with Andy Starnes from Bringingbackthebrotherhood.com  

Faces of the Fire Service

After last week in Indianapolis has ended and my head has quit spinning one thing keeps coming to mind: the faces of the fire service. There is no doubt that FDIC is an amazing place full of excited firefighters who have traveled from around the globe to learn, laugh, and share with thirty thousand “like […]

Knuckleheads: The Future of the Fire Service?

As I returned from another wonderful group of students engaged in discussions during my fighting hoarder fires class I keep thinking back to the four knuckleheads!  During this first class broken into a four hour model I had a wonderful group of young firefighters who looked like sponges ready to soak up everything they could […]

Air it Out with your Crews!

 When was the last time that you truly paid attention to your air supply during a structural fire? I will throw myself under the bus and reveal that I do not pay enough attention to my air supply.  It seems like something that should not even need to be mentioned because if you run out […]

Hoarder house fire kills lone occupant

Good morning from the jumpseat. As I return from my doctor’s appointment about my shoulder and listen to a 5-alarm fire in Brooklyn NYC I came across this horrific story of a hoarding fire fatality.  Take a moment to look at these dramatic pictures of after the fire was extinguished. These images are a great example […]