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When leadership will NOT Train you!

Hey Cap, can we train today?  How many times have you uttered those words just to hear something like “I’ve done this for x number of years I know what I’m doing, and you do too”. I feel like there are many reason why folks take this kind of an opinion when it comes to […]

A must see Video!

A video is worth a thousand words! I just can’t get this particular video out of my mind and feel impelled to write a couple observations about it.  I am a HUGE opponent to keyboard quarterbacking videos of firefighters as you are only seeing a small glimpse of the fire scene.  This video offers enough of a […]

In memory of Sergeant John Carter – DCFD

  Felt like this one needed shared!  Rip Sergeant Carter……So others may live! Here is the report on the Findings….Here   Please keep Sergeant carters friends, family, and the DCFD fire inyour thoughts and prayers!


Report has been released by the Asheville Fd on the fire that claimed the life of Captain Jeff Bowen while fighting a fire at 445 Biltmore Ave.  This is a chilling review of the tragic events.  The Asheville FD is making sure that Capt. Bowen’s memory will carry on and his story will save firefighters […]

DRD Your Best Friend?

Dispatch to all units — time to prepare for your brush with death!” Wow, would that statement get your attention? It definitely would grab mine. But, this statement may be just what we need to jumpstart our preparations before we are put in harms way. How prepared are you if something goes wrong while fighting […]

Firefighter removed New Castle Pa

  In this video shot by Joe DiThomas of News Castle, onlookers cheer on firefighters as they realize Lt. John Onufrak has been rescued from the burning building. For more info on this incident go to  http://www.ncnewsonline.com/