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The Next Shooting

Good morning from the Jumpseat. As the horrific news came out last Friday of the school shooting in Connecticut we all stayed glued to the television at the firehouse watching.  Violence is nothing new to us, first responders, but this was something unbelievable.  How could anyone choose to harm such innocent young children? Seems unfathomable! […]

Stretching on a Dwelling.

Good morning from the jumpseat.  As I fell asleep last night listening to the scanner app from Detroit I couldn’t help but keep these firefighters in my prayers.  I do believe that these brave men and women are seeing a series of fires that would rival some of the worst in history. One thing that […]

Outstanding Hoarder Fires

Commonly I will tell someone that I have taken on the topic of emergencies inside Hoarding conditions and the first thing they say is “we just don’t go in”.  Although I often disagree with them this tactic is one that is in the toolbox of fire attacks.  If you arrive to find a yard full […]

Cluttered House Fire Rescue

by Catherine Holland azfamily.com PEORIA, Ariz. — A Peoria woman is lucky to be alive after an early morning fire ripped through her home Thursday. According to firefighters, it started in the laundry room of a house in the neighborhood of 86th and Marconi avenues, which is southwest of Loop 101 and Bell Road. The […]

A must see Video!

A video is worth a thousand words! I just can’t get this particular video out of my mind and feel impelled to write a couple observations about it.  I am a HUGE opponent to keyboard quarterbacking videos of firefighters as you are only seeing a small glimpse of the fire scene.  This video offers enough of a […]

Amazing Story

  Great learning points in this video.  Huge shout out to Raleigh NC for opening up after a horrific event so we all can learn! My first day ever driving the 105′ ladder trucks most famous words, before we even left the station….Slow down!

What does your Helmet say about you?

What a sad day, it is the day where my favorite helmet was added to the Jumpseat wall of Flame. Before you click off this blog post, let me answer you this question. What does your helmet say about you?  Why do firefighters have such an attachment to their helmets? This thought came to mind […]

Hoarder or not? Wv crews had their hands full!

WOWK — Charleston – Huntington, Working For You Here is a video of a Department local to my home area who has been faced with a challenging fire five times now.  They are considering it a “Junk Yard” but can pose many of the same issues that hoarding can.  Water supply, overhaul, access, and entanglement hazards are […]

Risk versus Reward

Following a recent twitter discussion, I received a request to offer a view on the risks versus reward debate. This debate will live on until we all have hung up our helmets.  So what are some key points that we should focus on?  How much a risk is an “acceptable” amount? We all would like […]

Kicking Pass……

Good morning from the Jumpseat!  Shhhhh, quiet we hear a pass alarm going off.  Should we send someone to investigate?  This is a growing concern in today’s fire service.  Pass alarms should be sounding for a firefighter in trouble, not a firefighter who has exited the structure and laid their airpack down. This growing trend […]

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