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Christmas Tree Fires

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Good Morning from Jumpseat Training, We would like to share some great work from the past weeks performed by our local fire departments, emergency management, and education folks.  Here in the Charleston Area multiple agencies came together and worked on a Christmas Tree fire demonstration to highlight the dangers of Christmas Tree Fires.  The attached […]

Much can be learned from a Surfer

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As the time we have on this planet continues to tick away it is truly amazing how you can find new places, people, and experiences. This past week was one of those times where this training officer was exposed to a different way of life while visiting the great state of Hawaii on the island […]


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Good morning from Jumpseat Training. Warning….. the following  is nothing but a true RANT!!!  Proceed with caution, feelings may be hurt. Often I receive emails, text, phone calls, and fall into a pit when dealing with the people around us. From superior officers to the snot nosed probationary firefighter that is greener that fresh cut […]

Failure is Good

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Good morning from the Jumpseat, well not really anymore, but it sounds good. Good morning from the training office is the new location where the Jumpseat Training Blog will be coming from.  Transitioning from a jumpseat riding firefighter into a full-time educator has been a challenging task.  Challenging, but not impossible!  Along the way, there have been […]

Jumpseat Radio 051: 3 Clues a home is full of Heavy Content

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington shares 3 cues and clues that a home is full of heavy content.  Heavy Content is a politically correct term used for first responders to identify and communicate findings of Hoarding in a respectful way. Using Heavy Content will describe the condition of the building and […]

Jumpseat Radio 048: Harnessing Agression

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In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington talks about preparing to be an aggressive firefighter. Often firefighters use the term “aggressive” to describe themselves and yet show up to emergencies unprepared. To be a true aggressive firefighter you have to aggressively prepare! Topics covered:  How to harness that aggression to learning and practicing […]

Jumpseat Radio 040: Engine ops and Bailouts with Engine House Training

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In this weeks Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sits down with the members of Engine House Training live at Missouri Winter Fire School.  The group discusses how Engine Company Training started with firefighter safety and survival and evolved into basic fireground function.   Inside this Live Recording you will find:   Discussion basic hose advancement […]

Jumpseat Radio 039: Entry level testing with the Fire Alumni and Steve Prziborowski

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In this LIVE episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington sets down with the members of the Fire Alumni and Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski to talk about entry level firefighter testing and promotional testing.   This episode was recorded live in San Diego California during Firehouse World 2015. The group engage is conversation about:   […]

Jumpseat Radio 029: Interview with Bobby Halton

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Jumpseat Radio 029: Interview with Bobby Halton  Listen Here on ITunes  In this weeks podcast host Ryan Pennington interviews Fire Engineering editor in Chief Bobby Halton. In this episode Ryan and Bobby sit and talk about numerous topics including:   Cancer in the Fire Service Why they both dislike “Culture Change” Histories effects on the […]

Jumpseat Radio 023: The Lost art of the Fire Service

Jumpseat Radio 023: The lost art of the Fire Service In this episode of Jumpseat Radio host Ryan Pennington welcomes Jimm Walsh from VententerSeartch.com onto the show.  Listen in as the two talk about: aggressive Search Techniques Pro-Active Laddering of the buildings, even if NOT on Fire. Tips for each Jumpseat Firefighter to improve their […]

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